Erni is our manager  and her husband is our driver Made and they make a fantastic team.They have a young daughter, Jelita who we love to pieces, and she may visit you at the Villas occasionally. For any information you need to know for our area or further afield in Bali, Erni and Made are the people to ask.

Erni – mobile +62 81239188144 

whattsapp +62 85792366290  

email –



Our staff are wonderful Balinese people and will be very helpful during your stay at the Love Villas. Our pembantu (housekeepers) are Dita, Iluh and Puspa. Our gardener is Kadek.

Our night security team are Heski or Frankie and they are on duty outside the Villas from 10pm until 6am


Our pool guy/electrician/plumber and general maintenance guy is the delightful Dwi. He services the pools weekly, you may see him during your stay. 


Our driver Made does all our airport transfers and day trips. His rates are excellent!



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MADE                                       PUSPA ILUH ERNI DITA KADEK                                    DWI